Radical Gap Year Objectives

The Radical Gap Year wants to help students in the following four categories:

  • Spiritual Formation
    • Pursue an intimate relationship with God
    • Establish solid biblical and theological foundations
    • Encounter urgent spiritual and physical needs in local and global contexts
    • Become confident in sharing the gospel
  • Holistic Integration
    • Relate personal gifting and opportunities to the church’s mission
    • Establish healthy lifestyle practices and habits
  • Critical Thinking and Communication
    • Develop and apply critical-thinking skills
    • Make wise academic and vocational choices
    • Capture the strategic nature of how vocational choices relate to discipling the nations
  • Global Perspective
    • Critically evaluate worldviews through Scripture
    • Become aware of global needs and God’s global purposes
    • Identify and correct an ethnocentric approach to the Christian life

The Gap Year is designed to cultivate young men and women who are . . .

Outcomes Image
Intense study program
Washington D.C.
30 Days

Discipleship communities


Interactive lectures


Local community immersion and service


International experience in South Asia


Fellowship within the context of McLean Bible Church


Interaction with global leaders like David Platt


Personal study and peer interaction


Physical Readiness


Who am I?

I am a Christ follower who has obeyed the gospel and handles Scripture faithfully so that I might live as a disciple maker in the context God has called me to. My mission is to enjoy God’s grace in a relationship with Him and exalt God’s glory to the ends of the earth.


Who are we?

We are the church, a redeemed body of Christ followers in the midst of a broken world. We are a gospel community that embodies and expresses the truth. Our mission is to glorify God by making disciples and multiplying churches among all nations, beginning wherever we are.


What is my context?

My context consists of people and societies who need the gospel. These individuals have assumptions, desires, premises, and values that underly their actions and traditions. In order to reach my context, I must understand it and enter into it.


Application & reflection

After listening well, I am able to apply biblical truth to my context and explain the gospel with relevance and challenge.


Who are "they?"

They are people outside my context that do not know the gospel. They have little to no access to the Bible; therefore, the church must take it to them.


How do I bring the gospel to "them?"

I bring the gospel to “them” by entering into their context, sharing the gospel, making disciples, forming healthy churches, and raising up indigenous leaders in an effort to produce lasting faith.


How can I participate?

I can participate by praying, giving, going, and helping expose others to this need. I glorify God by growing as a disciple of Jesus, by making disciples of Jesus, and by multiplying churches that reflect Jesus.


Who am I going to be?

I am going to be a disciple of Jesus who lets His global cause dictate everything I think, desire, and do. Every Christian is part of God’s mission by faithfully imaging His glory in their everyday life and work.


Where am I going?

Regardless of where I am or where I am going, I can leverage my life for the gospel.

The Radical Gap Year is a 9-month fellowship designed to assist high school graduates between the ages of 18 and 20. No matter what career path students hope to pursue, the Radical Gap Year is designed with the goal to help them become fully engaged disciples of Jesus Christ who will leverage all areas of their lives for the sake of God’s glory among all nations. To reach this goal, the program will focus on equipping students in all areas of life, including godly living, intellectual development, daily responsibilities, and life skills.

This fellowship is for students who have graduated from high school and are 18 – 20 years-old by September 1 of the year they enter the program.

Applications for the 2021/22 program year are closed. For questions regarding upcoming dates and deadlines, CONTACT US.

The Radical Gap Year 2021/22 is being hosted by McLean Bible Church at their main campus in Vienna, VA, located about 40 minutes outside the nation’s capital in the Metro DC area.

Weekly program activities, outreach, and discipleship will be in and around the greater metropolitan area. Students will live near the McLean Bible Church Tysons Campus (Vienna, VA) and will be housed by gender, with 4–6 students of the same gender in a two- or three-bedroom apartment. Program supervisors will live nearby and will disciple, care for, and supervise students. The program also includes a 4-week trip to South Asia.

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The cost of the program is $16,000. This includes international trip travel, housing in DC, utilities, and group activities. However, in an effort to train and equip students to budget their daily living costs, the students will be responsible for handling their own finances regarding food, daily travel in DC, travel to and from the program, winter break travel, travel immunizations, and passport fees.

*All amounts listed are not exact quotes and are subject to change*

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to applying. If we haven’t answered your questions here or if you need more information, either visit our FAQ’s page or contact us.

This fellowship is for students who have graduated from high school and are 18–20 years-old by September 1 of the year they enter the program.

Students applying should be in a committed and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, members of a local church, teachable and willing to be fully engaged (mentally, physically, spiritually) in every activity in the program, a high school graduate or equivalent, a US citizen, have a 2.80 GPA or higher, and have test scores of at least 20 on the ACT, 1050 on the SAT, or 72 on the CLT.

The Radical Gap Year program will collect $16,000* and is not tax-deductible. Below is a breakdown of that cost.

The program cost includes:

  • 4 week international trip ($6,000*)
  • Housing with furniture ($7,500*)
  • Utilities ($600*)
  • Group activities ($1,900*)

The program cost does not include:

  • Food costs
  • Daily travel within the city (While the Radical Gap Year directors will not be collecting and managing finances for daily travel needs, students must come prepared with $1,575 ready to use toward public and private transportation as directed.)
  • Travel to/from the program (start/end)
  • Travel from/to program during Christmas Break
  • Travel immunizations
  • Passport fees

* Amounts listed are not exact quotes and are subject to change.

The 2021 program will begin in September 2021 and will end in May 2022. Move-in weekend will be September 4-5 and move-out weekend will be May 14-15.

For questions regarding the upcoming program year, please contact us.

Yes, applicants will have an opportunity to apply for financial aid, and scholarship recipients will be notified before they complete their enrollment into the program.

For Radical Gap Year 2021/22, financial aid applications are now closed.